Crystal Gemstone Facial Massage Roller Wand (Rose Quartz)

Why We’re Obsessed With This Crystal Rolling Beauty Trend

Sparkly gems on your skin, anyone? Being glitter-obsessed as we are here at Julisa, I’m finding whatever way possible to add a dash of sparkle and shimmer in my life.

When I first spotted an other-worldly beautiful rose quartz facial massage roller, I know we’re meant to be. Combining the powerful healing property of rose quartz crystal and the skin-firming technique of facial rolling, there’s simply nothing more blissful than this ritual of rubbing a crystal on my skin.

Since I launched these pretty little rolling tools, I’m so excited to see I’m not the only one embracing crystals in skincare routine. Let’s check out how our merbabes roll with our crystal rollers, and why these are so amazing for your body, mind and soul!


@Bottledbeautyblog loves her me-time goodies from Peony Parcel’s limited crystal edition box full of natural skin treats. Crystal rolling can help your skin oil or serum penetrate deeper to maximise its effectiveness on your skin. Of course we’d recommend pairing with our Mermaid Elixir Organic Tamanu Skin Oil. This deep green antioxidant rich skin oil has a medium consistency making it easy to apply for facial rolling, and it won’t absorb too quickly while you roll. The powerful skin contouring duo set helps brighten complexion, close pores and firm skin.

@i_shall_shop  has chosen our best selling Rose Quartz facial roller. Apart from improving skin condition physically, these crystal rollers have their own unique spiritual healing properties. Rose Quartz is a powerful self-love stone enhancing self-confidence. It emits strong vibrations to heal the heart from sentiments of lost love. Natural rose quartz crystal is packed of minerals that help reduce inflammation and support renewal of skin cells.

@lululamari loves the beauty ritual of crystal rolling because it’s non-invasive and natural. The tool itself is made from 100% natural crystals and brass without any added harmful chemicals. Unlike skin needling, crystal rolling is non-invasive which means it suits even the most sensitive skin type.

@bold_bird caught in action with her Opalite crystal roller. Facial rolling helps to de-puff skin, and it’s the easiest way to establish a DIY lymphatic drainage facial routine at home. Once toxins are flushed from your skin, it’s exactly like you’ve just had a workout.

@bottledbeautyblog and her collection of crystal rollers. These crystal rollers are your best travel/ post gym beauty buddies. They fit nicely into a carry on beauty pouch. You might find it extra handy for skin de-puff after a long flight! Facial rolling could also help to relieve headache and stress, as well as providing sinus relieve which is common when travelling in high altitudes. and her pretty looking vanity. Let’s face it, these little gems sit so beautifully in any vanity!

A few of my most used skincare products from last month or so. . ????#janescrivner bioluronic buzz 2000, this Serum smooths, hydrates and generally helps my skin look firmer, definitely a staple. . ???? #intenseformulas Face Serum * this has been in my rotation for a few months, I really picked it back up last month, it’s a unique oil/serum hybrid, with the warmer weather I moved away from richer oils and this worked its way back in on the regular. . ???? #Alphah beauty sleep power peel this 0.5% retinol with glycolic acid, really works magic overnight making my complexion look radiant refreshed. . ????#elolipcare in night * this minty vanilla lip balm is so nourishing leaving my lips feeling so soft and hydrated. . ????#mermaidjulisa opalite roller, on the warmer evenings this is so cooling, it is also quite relaxing, I often massage my face with this while I’m drinking my evening cup of tea, ahh the serenity. . I will post my makeup favourites in the next few days. . * pr/gifted . . . #skincare #skincarechat #skincarelover #365inskincare #skincareobsessed #30plusskincare #365inbeauty #beauty #beautychat #instabeauty #instaskincare #30pluswitchplease #skincarefavourites #mostused

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@bottledbeautyblog loves facial rolling pre and post make up. The natural cooling effect of the stone helps reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles by promoting blood circulation. It’s the best face primer and all it takes is only a short couple of minutes to prep for your skin for flawless makeup.

Certainly we’re not the only ones obsessed with the crystal rolling trend. Check out these raving reviews by beauty bloggers around the world here and here.

Crystal Gemstone Facial Massage Roller Wand (Rose Quartz)

Do you have any burning questions about how crystal rolling will suit your skin, or which crystal rollers to choose for your concerns? Comment below, or jump on to our Instagram or Facebook page to chat with us!

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