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Wellness Talk with Jenna @ The Divine Company

I believe when beautiful boss (mer)babes come together, we amplify our reach and do good collectively.

I recently had the chance to meet the beautiful team behind The Divine Company, a fellow Australian made beauty brand spreading the green beauty karma. The ethos of the The Divine Company is to celebrate wellness and authenticity as rightful art forms, which is something that resonates with what I believe in. I have to say they make the most beautiful certified organic hand lotion that smells and feels absolutely delightful, and our collaboration just came along quite naturally!

The team at The Divine Company has generously given us some of their full size Moisiturising Hand Lotion as your beautiful free gifts when you purchase our Pick Your Own Vegan Nail Polish Trio Set (note: while stock last). We’ve got your pretty manicure and silky soft hand care kit sorted -there’s simply nothing more pampering than this!

I also had the chance to chat to Jenna Rorke, Brand Manager at The Divine Company, to share with you her top wellness tips. Read on to find out!

What are the active ingredients in The Divine Company Moisturising Hand Lotion?

The Divine Company Certified Organic Hand Lotion is made with ingredients which nourish and protect your hands. Ingredients like Macadamia Oil, Rose Hip, Aloe Vera and Lemon Myrtle not only nourish your hands and leave them soft, but also smell amazing!

Wellness talk with Jenna @ The Divine Company | Julisa.co

Any tips to share to keep your hands soft?

Always keep hands moisturised during the day. Keep hand and body lotion on the sink so that you can moisturise as soon as you cleanse your hands, this is the best time for your skin to soak up the hydration!

Must-have beauty products in your gym/ yoga bag?

A really good facial mist or toner to keep your skin hydrated and freshen up after a workout! I love our Divine Woman Soothing Rose Toner for freshening up after a work out and also using to set and refresh my make up during the day.

Wellness talk with Jenna @ The Divine Company | Julisa.co

Your go-to nail polish shade?

I always go for a nude shade! I find it is easier to go with a neutral shade that will go with everything. I love Julisa shade Chia Leader.

What does ‘me-time’ look like?

Me time is pretty simple for me, taking time out to get outside for a beach walk, a long bath or a good movie. Fitting any of these things in between work and family is a luxury!

Wellness talk with Jenna @ The Divine Company | Julisa.coA big thank you to Jenna and The Divine Company for our beautiful collaboration!

Be sure to follow The Divine Company on Facebook and Instagram. Also Check out their Journal for plenty of mindful living inspirations.

Are there any other beautiful Australian brands that are leading the trend in wellness you’d like to see us collaborate with? Let me know in comments below. x

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