How To Use A Crystal Facial Massage Roller – DEMO + TIPS!

How To Use A Crystal Facial Massage Roller – DEMO + TIPS!

Ahoy merbabes! You guys have asked for a detailed video to demonstrate using our best-selling crystal facial rollers in daily skincare routine, so here you have it.

I’ve answered your questions about the benefits of using a crystal roller, best way to incorporate it in your skincare routine, lymphatic drainage techniques and care tips in one single vlog!

In the video I used an Amethyst roller, while the same techniques apply to rolling using our Rose Quartz or Opalite rollers.

This is the video you need to watch before your next self-care night.

I’ve also shared some top tips on best way to establish a crystal facial rolling routine in my interview with MyCityLife here, go check it out.

Browse our crystal facial rollers collection here.



Have you adopted this latest beauty trend of crystal facial rolling? Is there any other burning questions about facial rolling you’d like me to answer in my next video?

Leave a comment below and I’d love to chat about all things rolling with you!

Until next time.

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