10 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong with Jade Rollers

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I recently published this post here on our blog on face rolling 101, hope you had a chance to read it and I’d absolutely love to be able to answer any further questions from you.

While scrolling through my Instagram looking for inspiration for my next topic about face roller, I came across a whole lot of mistakes people have been making with their rollers. And seriously, they made me cringe so bad! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️ I’m so passionate about spreading the word on how your skin will benefit from the use of jade rollers, but you only get to see the amazing results if you’re using your little magic wand in the right way.

In fact, if you’ve been making one of these mistakes, chances are that the roller might be doing more harm than good to your skin!

Without further ado, read on to find out if you’ve been using your pretty gem rollers in the wrong way:

Common Jade Roller Facial Mistakes

1. Not using any skin product with your jade roller

Trust me, it feels so much more pampering and relaxing on the skin when you use a roller with the right skin product.

First of all, using the roller directly on freshly cleansed skin is great, but make sure you start doing your rolling routine after toning and moisturising.

Never, ever, use your jade roller without any skin product as you might create unnecessary friction on your skin that’s totally undesirable.

Also, be sure you use the right type of accompanying products with your roller. An oil-based serum or a natural facial oil, such as our own Mermaid Elixir Organic Tamanu Oil, goes so well with your roller like acai and cacao.

A water-based serum is undesirable as it absorbs and dries out way too quickly on your skin.


2. Use a jade roller with a sheet mask

Well, you see that all over Instagram, but here’s the truth. As much as laying a sheet mask and rolling with your rose quartz gem looks relaxing as hell, I wouldn’t recommend doing this. The reason is that most of the sheet masks in the market are soaked in water-based serum. When the metal part of your jade roller gets in touch with moisture, it will rust over time.

But here’s the good news, you can still do this favourite skin-soothing routine while binge-watching Netflix with a gua sha facial stone instead.

Unlike a jade roller, your gua sha stone is made of entirely crystal so it won’t rust with any moisture on the surface. In fact, you can rinse and clean your gua sha with warm water after use to keep it hygienic.

3. Wash your face roller with water

This ties in with my previous point about using your jade roller over a sheet mask. Metal and water simply aren’t best friends. To ensure the longevity of your roller, be sure to keep them away from any source of moisture.

4. Not cleaning your face roller properly 

So how do I clean a jade roller properly without using water? I wipe clean my J-RO rose quartz roller after each use with a piece of dry soft cloth (which comes free as your gift with your roller when you purchase our J-RO by Julisa rose quartz roller).

J-RO by Julisa 24K Gold Rose Quartz Face Roller Jade Roller | JULISA.co.

At times, I add a drop of coconut oil to the cloth before wiping to give it a thorough clean.

You can also spray your roller head with 70% alcohol to sterilise it. Just make sure you wipe it dry straight after and before you put it away.

Using any type of harsh chemicals to clean your jade roller is a big NO! Your crystals are delicate and porous, any harsh chemicals will get into the porous surface of your precious stone.

5. Leave your jade roller out on the bathroom shelves

Well, I get it. Nobody puts baby in the corner, right? Bathroom shelvies are totally taking over the Instagram world.  But just be sure you store your roller in a pouch and away from any dust or moisture after use. The moisture in the air in a humid bathroom will cause your beautiful roller to rust and mold to grow over the surface – yikes!

Grumpy Cat No GIF by Internet Cat Video Festival - Find & Share on GIPHY

6. Dip your roller into ice water

*Insert face palm emoji* 

Let me repeat again, moisture and rollers don’t mix. If you love your stone to feel cooling on the skin, just store them in your freezer (or a skincare fridge if you’re super fancy).

7. Roll downwards on your face (or both upwards and downwards repeatedly)

Pulling your skin downwards with a roller might cause your skin to sag with gravity and look just like a French Bulldog over time.

Always work against the gravity with your jade roller on your face and forehead.

The exception is when working on both sides of your neck. Start with the area right behind your ear loops and work your roller downwards towards the base of your neckline.  This way you’re working in harmony with the meridians of your body.

Check out our jade roller tutorial here and on Youtube here.


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8. Use too much pressure with your roller

A mer-friend of mine has snapped her roller into two pieces because she was applying so much pressure with her jade roller (R.I.P little gem baby).

One common misconception about jade rollers is that they’re massaging tools which is totally wrong.

These pretty rollers are designed to help lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation and flush stagnant energy. They’re not massaging tools.

Lymph is relatively easy to move so you only use light pressure with your roller on your face, and feather-light pressure around your delicate under eye areas.

10. Use a jade roller right after microneedling or with a derma roller

A jade roller might help reduce skin inflammation and redness, but never use it right after microneedling. Your skin is ultra sensitive after microneedling, so be sure to leave at least a day before your use your roller. The same goes for a derma roller, never use them together on the same day.

Be sure to consult professional advice if any skin reaction occurs.10 THINGS YOU'VE BEEN DOING WRONG WITH JADE ROLLERS | Julisa.co
There you have it, Merbaes! Have you been using your rollers in the right way? Is there any burning question about jade rolling techniques you’d like me to answer?

Comment below and see you over on Instagram. xx


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