How To Shrink Pores: Deep Pore Unclogging Facial Cleanup Routine With Jade Rollers [VIDEO]

How to Shrink Pores: Deep Pore Unclogging Facial Cleanup Routine with Jade Rollers [VIDEO]

Hands up who struggles with large. visible pores? Here at Julisa we love all sort of clever + natural home remedies. The beautiful Immy over @immy.maryam has impressed us once again by sharing her top tips on how to shrink pores and deep cleanse at home in ways that are practical and easy to follow! We particularly love how she incorporates our gem – J-RO by Julisa Rose Quartz Face Roller, as the final step of her cleanup routine.

A facial roller, jade roller or an ice roller all help to shrink large, visible pores and they work wonder! Deep cleansing is vital to achieve a megawatt-glowing ‘glass skin’ look without makeup. Our J-RO by Julisa face roller, with her unique spherical roller head, fits snugly around the corners of your face and jawline, making it a breeze to roll around the contour of your face.

Check out Immy’s Youtube tutorial on how to shrink pores at home and let us know if you’ve been following a similar routine:

Top tips on how to shrink pores with home remedies:

  1. Do your deep cleansing routine every fortnight – being consistent is the key!
  2. Use a cleansing face brush or konjac sponge to cleanse your face to begin with.
  3. Use a pot of boiling water as a face steamer if you don’t have a fancy face steaming machine at home. Add fresh rose petals or dried lavender to your boiling water as a skin + soul treat while you steam.
  4. Apply a clay face and a nose stripe if needed to get deep down into any clogged pores.
  5. Any products with Glycolic Acid work effectively as a chemical exfoliant, which reduce dullness and boost ‘glass skin’ complexion.
  6. Now that your skin is as soft as a newborn baby’s bum, apply your toner, moisturiser and face oil to lock in the moisture. A deeply hydrating oil blend such as anything with rose oil in it helps to re-hydrate your skin after the chemical peel. Check our our own Mermaid Elixir ‘Glass Skin’ Rose Hydrating Blend that infuses the superior hydrating properties of Bulgarian Rose and Australian Jojoba Seeds.
  7. Last step (and the most blissful of all, we promise!) is to use a cold jade roller to help shrink any visible pores. Keep your roller in the freezer and roll while it’s cold for the extra pore-shrinking result. Make sure you don’t forget to roll around the smaller areas of your face, including both sides of your nose and in between your brows.

Enjoy your at-home deep pore-cleansing facial!

As always any questions or comments I’d love to hear from you. Simply leave a comment below or reach out on Instagram @MermaidJulisa. Let’s chat! xx



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