Who doesn’t love a multi-tasker beauty oil? Less is more, and it’s definitely true when it comes to our beauty routine. Choosing one beauty product that serves multiple uses is great for juggling our many needs, not to mention that it comes super handy in our travel pouch or gym bag.

I was introduced to the most versatile beauty oil native to South Pacific called Tamanu Oil when I was travelling in Vanuatu. I had the pleasure of spending a morning with the local ladies (with fresh coconuts in hands), and discovered their ancient beauty wisdom of using Tamanu Oil from head to toes.

Here I’m sharing 10 uses of Tamanu Oil that should be every merbabe’s beauty hacks:

1. Use Tamanu Oil as a primer on your face to prevent dry patches when applying foundation with thick consistency.

2. Mix a few drops of Tamanu Oil to your clay mask. Treat your skin with a cocktail of essential fatty acid in Tamanu Oil while the clay gives it a thorough cleanse.

3. To treat dry cuticles, add a few drops of Tamanu Oil to a bowl of warm water. Soak your hands in the bowl for 5 minutes – viola! Here you have hands and cuticles that are as soft as baby bums. Similarly, you can make a nourishing foot bath with Tamanu Oil.



4. To achieve a dewy sun-kissed makeup look, mix a few drops of Tamanu Oil to your foundation or liquid bronzer. Mix well on the back of your hands, then apply evenly with a makeup sponge on to your face.

5. Use Tamanu Oil as a natural highlighter for your face. Dab a little on your cheekbones and around your chin.

6. Use Tamanu Oil as natural hair treatment. Gently massage a few drops of Tamanu Oil onto your split ends on damp hair. Wrap with a warm towel for 10 to 15 minutes. Dry your hair as usual.


7. Treat your dry cracked lip with Tamanu Oil. Roll on a tiny amount of Tamanu Oil on to your lips before bedtime. Wake up the next day to your hydrated sexy pout!

8. If you have naturally thick brows, you can skip filling them in and simply dab a small amount of Tamanu Oil to groom and shape.

9. Massage Tamanu Oil directly on to your cuticles and wear a pair of night care gloves to bed for the goodness to adsorb completely overnight

10. Use Tamanu Oil as an effective makeup remover. Using a cotton ball, gently rub the oil over your eyelids or in other areas where makeup is applied.


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Not all Tamanu Oil is born equal.

From my extensive research in the quest of the purest Tamanu Oil, I’ve gathered some helpful tips on things to look out for when choosing a top quality Tamanu Oil.

  • Origin: Vanuatu and Tahiti are known as the regions where the most nutritional Tamanu Oil is wild-harvested. Tamanu Oil of inferior quality could come from Vietnam and India.
  • Method of extraction: cold-pressed is the best way to extract pure Tamanu Oil. Heating the nut kernels will speed up the extraction process yet could damage its nutritional values.
  • Aroma: Raw, cold-pressed Tamanu Oil has its signature earthy scent. Anything that smells burnt could be a sign that heat is used in extraction.
  • Purity: make sure no unnecessary filler oils are added to the formulation to dilute Tamanu Oil. Tamanu oil is safe to use on skin on its own and does not need to be mixed with a carrier oil.
  • Sustainability: Sustainably harvested Tamanu nut kernels from Tamanu tress grown in the wild.
  • Sweatshop-free condition & fair-trade policy.
  • Cruelty free accreditation & no animal testing.

These values are what matters to me personally, and these are the standards I uphold when sourcing our Tamanu Oil suppliers here at Julisa.

Similarly, these guidelines could help you when making purchase decision on any beauty products to become mindful of what you put on your precious skin and into your body.


I hope you’ll embark on this mindful beauty journey with me, while experiencing the benefits of this multi-tasker Tamanu Oil in its purest form.


Juliet @ MermaidJulisa