Up Level your Gua Sha Facial Routine with these Essential Oils

Editor’s Note: Please join us to welcome back Sarah from @lavenderandcobotanicals for another blog post here on our Julisa The Kind Life Blog, sharing her wisdom on the best essential oils to use on your face with gua sha tools. Sarah has previously shared an insightful article here on the using facial mapping as a

Mindful Conversations with Victoria @WestActiveWear

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your passion? I’m Victoria, founder of West Activewear. I grew up in a sleepy country village in West Sussex England, though beautiful I knew I wanted to explore what the world had to offer and got the travel bug early on. After travelling most of the globe

What Facial Mapping Can Tell You About Your Holistic Health

Editor’s note: We’re excited to welcome our guest blogger, Sarah from @lavenderandcobotanicals, to share her wealth of knowledge on all things holistic health and living a mindful life. The lovely Sarah is a final year naturopath student and runs Lavender & Co. Botanicals, a creative studio specialising in wellness. She has a great eye for

How to Shrink Pores: Deep Pore Unclogging Facial Cleanup Routine with Jade Rollers [VIDEO]

Hands up who struggles with large. visible pores? Here at Julisa we love all sort of clever at-home beauty hacks. The beautiful Immy over @immy.maryam has impressed us once again by sharing her top tips on how to shrink pores and deep cleanse athome in ways that are practical and easy to follow! We particularly

Jade Roller vs Rose Quartz Roller: How To Choose The Right Face Roller?

Today’s post is all about answering this question that I get a lot from you Merbabes – what’s the difference between jade rollers and rose quartz rollers? So after reading my previous post on face rolling 101, you’re now convinced that a crystal face roller is THE ONE – a divine and relaxing routine to

How To Get Glass Skin Look Without Makeup: Korean Beauty Glass Skin Routine

“Glass skin is a new, trendy term that denotes super-smooth, luminescent, almost translucent skin, similar to a piece of glass.” – Byrdie Have you heard of the Korean beauty trend called Glass Skin? Do a search on Youtube you’ll find millions of makeup tutorials teaching you how to ‘fake it’ – which is a quick

DIY Reusable Natural Nail Polish Remover Pod #PlasticFreeJuly

I simply love chatting with you merbabes over on Instagram, as I get so many amazing content inspirations from your questions! Today’s topic is inspired by my friend E who’s asked for advice on reducing wastage from removing nail polishes. Like myself, she’s been trying to minimise her plastic waste from daily life. Being that

Are you Making these Mistakes with your Facial Gua Sha?

Hello Merbabes! Last week I posted this blog article here about 10 things you might be doing incorrectly with your jade rollers and – oh my sweet lord! I received so many amazing feedback from you over on Instagram on how these tips have literally saved lives (or skin disaster)! Because after all, it’s the technique

10 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong with Jade Rollers

Hello Merbabes! I recently published this post here on Julisa The Kind Life Blog on face rolling 101, hope you had a chance to read it and I’d absolutely love to be able to answer any further questions from you. While scrolling through my Instagram and Youtube looking for inspiration for my next topic about

Do Jade Roller and Facial Rolling Really Work? All Your Face Roller FAQ Answered!

With this swoon-worthy trend of incorporating crystals in your self-care routine going strong over on Instagram, have you been considering adding a quartz or jade roller to your skincare regime? We could tell you hundreds of reasons why we’re massively obsessed with crystal face rollers here! With so many brands offering the promise of an