Do Jade Roller And Facial Rolling Really Work? All Your Face Roller FAQ Answered |

Do Jade Roller and Facial Rolling Really Work? All Your Face Roller FAQ Answered!

With this swoon-worthy trend of incorporating crystals in your self-care routine going strong over on Instagram, have you been considering adding a quartz or jade roller to your skincare regime?

We could tell you hundreds of reasons why we’re massively obsessed with crystal face rollers here!

With so many brands offering the promise of an instant lift and de-puff skin benefit of a jade roller, how do you choose the one? What does a face roller actually do apart from sitting prettily on your vanity?

From my experience roll-testing numerous types of face rollers, here I’ve got all your questions about these pretty little gems covered. Let’s roll!

  • What’s the difference between rose quartz rollers and jade rollers?

Both quartz rollers and jade rollers should have the same lymphatic drainage effect when used with proper techniques. The main difference is the energetic profile of the crystals.

For those who practise reiki healing, rose quartz is known as the ‘love stone’. Rose quartz can help enhance self-love, confidence and relationships. It helps open your heart chakra to fully receive love from yourself or people around you.

As for jade, jade is traditionally used in Chinese culture for it’s believed that jade helps bring calmness, peace and good health to those who wear it. In my culture, my grandmother used to put jade bracelets on both myself and my brother when we were newborns. It’s believed that the energetic power of jade will help calm a crying baby! If you’re seeking inner peace, jade could be the stone of you choice.

While Julisa does not offer a jade roller at the moment, we’ll most likely be adding one to our collection down the track so stay tuned!

  • What accompanying products should I use with my face roller?

We recommend using a natural facial oil or an oil-based serum that do not absorb too quickly onto your skin. The oils give you smooth canvas for the stone to glide on. Use a generous amount of products so that you don’t create unnecessary friction on your skin when you roll. We recommend performing your facial gua sha or rolling routine using 3 to 4 drops of our Mermaid Elixir Organic Tamanu Skin Oil to enhance its skin-repairing benefits.

  • What do face rollers actually do? What are the real benefits of jade rollers?

Jade rollers and quartz rollers are essentially lymphatic drainage tools, they’re not designed for massage. With the use of gentle pressure, a rolling routine helps to open up blocked lymphatic pathway and flush toxins from the upper part of you body. Face rollers can help lift, contour and de-puff as a result of flushing stagnant energy and body fluids from your face.

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  • Can I wash my face roller?

We don’t recommend washing your face roller with water as the metal part of the roller will rust with water.

  • How to clean my jade roller?

Clean your face roller with a cheap facial oil such as almond oil or coconut oil. Add 2 to 3 drops to a piece of soft cloth and wipe the crystal clean with it.

You can also spray your roller with alcohol spray, but make sure you wipe it down straight after spraying.

Completely air dry your roller before putting it away in a storage pouch.

  • Can I use my face roller with a sheet mask?

We actually don’t recommend using a jade roller with a sheet mask as the excess serum in sheet mask (mostly water-based) might get in touch with the metal component of the roller and cause it to rust.

Using a gua sha stone with a sheet mask is completely fine – it actually helps improve blood circulation and enhance absorption of the products.

  • Can men use jade rollers?

Why not? 🙂 Men are as likely as women to get puffy eye bags, dark circles and poor lymphatic movement, so they surely would see benefits using jade rollers to help move stagnant energy.

  • Can a jade roller cause breakouts?

We do not recommend using a face roller when you have broken skin or inflammation on your skin.

However, when cleaned properly we don’t think a jade roller can cause breakouts.

Be sure you clean your face roller every time after use, and store it away in a pouch but not on the vanity catching dust and dirt!

  • Do you use a facial roller before or after moisturiser?

100% after moisturising with facial oils or an oil-based serum.

During the day, you can put on sunscreen after finishing your face rolling routine.
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  • What’s the difference between a face roller and a gua sha stone?

Both face roller and gua sha stone work on TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) principle to promote lymphatic drainage. Gua sha tends to work on a deeper level as there’re more ways to use the different sides of a gua sha stone to reach precise pressure point once you’ve familiarised yourself with the techniques.

We recommend using a face roller in the morning for an instant de-puff result on your skin, and using a gua sha during the evening for a longer lymphatic drainage routine (and part of your crystal based meditation).

  • Do you offer a jade roller and gua sha set?

We surely do! We offer a discounted face roller and gua sha bundle value set here on Julisa with free shipping within Australia.

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  • How often do you use a jade roller?

We recommend using a jade roller every day (morning and/or evening) with your facial oils. Toxins in your lymph nodes could build up quicker than you can imagine with environmental stress in our everyday life!

A quick 3-minute jade rolling session in the morning can help de-puff your face and under eyes areas very effectively.J-RO by Julisa 24K Gold Rose Quartz Face Roller Jade Roller |

  • Do you have a jade roller instructional video?

We have created heaps of face roller tutorials on both Youtube and our IGTV on Instagram (give us a follow on @MermaidJulisa!). When you purchase our J-RO by Julisa face roller, you’ll also receive a face roller how-to instruction card with your beautiful new gem.


  • Is your rose quartz roller made with authentic crystals?

100%! While we’re working on getting our crystals authenticated with certification (certifying rose quartz isn’t as standardised as in the diamond industry), we can 100% guarantee our rose quartz IS the real deal!

A few things to look for when you choose a face roller – natural crystals feel cold on the skin. Fake crystals that are injected with plastic fillers won’t feel as cold on your skin comparatively.

Also, any crystals that look way too pigmented or uniform in colour could also be a warning sign that the stone could have been injected with artificial pigments.

We offer 30-day satisfaction guarantee with any purchase on Julisa. Be sure to check our 5-star reviews and kind words from our tribes if you’re still not convinced!

  • Is your face roller made with ethical crystals?

As the designer and owner of Julisa, I personally conduct site visits to our crystal supplier in Hong Kong twice a year. Our supplier is a reputable dealer and is well-established in the industry for over 20 years. They only purchase crystals from primary sites that do not engage child labour or any form of unethical practices.

Crystals are typically less problematic compared to diamonds as crystals are collected as by-products from industrial mines for heavy metals such as iron ores and aluminium.J-RO by Julisa 24K Gold Rose Quartz Face Roller Jade Roller |

  • Are those cheap jade rollers from China/ AliExpress/ Amazon safe to use?

Be cautious of buying cheap jade rollers from sellers on AliExpress, Amazon and websites in China as those rollers could be made from fake stone instead of real crystals.

As mentioned above, fake stones could have been injected with plastic fillers and artificial pigments, making them undesirable to use on your skin especially those with sensitive skin.

  • Is using a facial roller okay for sensitive skin?

Do a test on your skin with your face roller and wait for 24 hours before you use it again to observe if any reaction occurs (similar to patch test with skincare products). If there’s any symptom of skin sensitivities, stop using the roller and seek medical advice.

  • How does your rose quartz face roller compare to the ReFa Carat Face Rollers?

ReFa Carat Face Rollers work on the principle of micro-current. Ours work purely based on lymphatic drainage techniques to move stagnant lymph. Both ReFa Face Roller and J-RO by Julisa could provide effective results of lift and de-puff of your face when used properly. You could say our J-RO by Julisa is a cheaper version of ReFa Carat Face Rollers that give similar skin benefits!

  • Do you have a preference for face roller with the two roller heads, a small and a large one on both ends, or the single roller?

Our J-RO by Julisa is made of a single roller head.

From a focus group testing we conducted in our design phase, we found that the double ended rollers tend to be much heavier to use. The extra weight of the extra roller head make it undesirable for use in a longer routine.

Our single headed spherical roller measures 25mm wide and it’s designed to precisely fit around the contours of your face. It fits snugly for using around your under eyes areas and in between your brows.

  • Do you have any reviews of your face rollers J-RO by Julisa?

We have 5-star reviews and happy ‘rollers’ all around! Check out this Youtube review of our J-RO by Julisa by Jasmin @Life.Of.A.Melbourne.Mumma. We’ve also been featured in the press!


  • What’s the difference between J-RO by Julisa and the jade rollers at Sephora and Mecca?

J-RO by Julisa rose quartz roller is the only face roller in Australia that has received a registered design patent by IP Australia.

The patent certified our unique rose quartz sphere head design, 24-carat gold plating metal core and unique engraving on our rose quartz handle. It’s a roller unlike anything else you’ve ever seen!

Jade rollers sold at the likes of Sephora and Mecca all look 99% similar as they’re likely to have come from the same few Alibaba manufacturers in China, who mass produce them with no design patent. It’s a common commercial practice called ‘white label manufacturing’, in which big brands engage manufacturers to ‘stamp’ their brand logos on generic products which they do not own the design IP.Generic Jade Roller v.s. J-RO by Julisa 24K Gold Rose Quartz Face Roller |

  • How to choose a jade roller that works for you?

First of all, choose a brand that you trust in terms of quality, ethical production standard and authenticity of crystals.

Look for brands that are transparent with how and where their products are made. Ask them questions and see if you’re happy with how they respond.

Also check reviews from their customers.

In terms of choosing a crystal for your face roller, trust your intuition! If you feel drawn to a particular stone, it’s likely that you’re attracted by its energetic profile.

You might also want to consult a reiki healer to find out which crystal is for you!

  • How do jade rollers and gua sha work with facial mapping theory?

Based on TCM principles, each zone of your face corresponds to a different part of your internal organs. If you feel a slight pain or uncomfortable sensation over a specific zone on your face when you perform your gua sha routine, it’s likely to reflect issues with the corresponding parts of your body.

Check out our facial mapping chart on our blog here.

We recommend consulting medical professionals for any health issues you might be experiencing.
Face Mapping and Facial Relexology | Julisa The Mindful Life BlogDo Jade Roller And Facial Rolling Really Work? All Your Face Roller FAQ Answered |


I hope you find this face roller 101 guide insightful!

Is there any other burning question on all things jade roller/ face rolling you’d like to ask? Don’t be shy and leave a comment below!

Happy rolling and see you over on Instagram – let’s chat! xx


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