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Facial Mapping with Your Crystal Jade Face Roller

Here at Julisa HQ, we’ve undertaken lots of research to help our merbabes understand facial reflexology that draws on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with a facial mapping chart.

Do you know that certain areas of the face correspond to areas of the body and energy zones?

In treating the face with a natural crystal jade roller or a gua sha board and their healing energy, the idea is that corresponding body and energetic systems will receive some love too.

If there’s any recurring pain or discomfort while you’re receiving a crystal rolling facial or gua sha, it could be a warning sign that the corresponding body organ is not at its peak performance.

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Face Mapping and Facial Relexology | Julisa The Mindful Life Blog



Work over each meridian points as indicated in the above chart with your face roller and gua sha stone to stimulate and clear energy channels.

We’d suggest seeking professional medical advice for any continuing discomfort you may experience.

Keep in mind though a slight bit of redness on your skin is normal after gua sha facial routine or crystal facial rolling. It’s simply a sign of increased blood circulation which helps to flush toxins away from the upper part of your body.

Keen to learn the correct way to work with your crystal facial tools? We have some easy to follow tutorials on our site here.

Gua Sha and Jade Roller Resources/ Tutorials:

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Is there anything you’d like to share re facial reflexology and facial mapping techniques? Leave a comment below and let’s chat!




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