#Girlboss Talk: Kristy From Good Green Box

#Girlboss Talk: Kristy from Good Green Box

Any of you mer-babes have spotted us in this month’s Good Green Box? We’re thrilled to say we’re part of their thoughtfully curated collection of beauty goodies that are greener and cleaner. Good Green Box is a beauty subscription box that delights you each month with a selection of the best organic and natural beauty products crafted by a team who genuinely cares. We’re lucky enough to have the chance to chat with the mastermind behind the scene. Here at The Kind Life Blog, the lovely Kristy Dowdle who’s the founder of Good Green Box shares with us her #Girlboss inspirations and her ‘good green life’ tips – read on!

#Girlboss Talk: Kristy from Good Green Box

Hi Kristy! Can you tell us a little bit about the inspirations behind Good Green Box?

I’ve worked in marketing across a number of big brands and categories and the one common thread is this move to better for you products; whether that’s better for your body or the environment.

This coupled with my love of the outdoors, and my inner hippie inspired me to start learning about better beauty.

I realised there wasn’t anything in the market solely dedicated to natural and organic beauty – that’s where Good Green Box began.

#Girlboss Talk: Kristy from Good Green Box

What motivates you professionally and personally?

For both it’s absolutely about being inspired and contributing to a vision that is bigger than me.

This coupled with strong positive emotions, really drives me forward.

Fave beauty products from previous boxes?

I’m such a huge fan of all of the products we’ve had in the boxes but big call outs would be Beauty and the Bees Shampoo Soap from the Launch Box, it smells absolutely divine, Sanctum Gentle Exfoliant from the Launch Box and Bare Oils from June Box.

#Girlboss Talk: Kristy from Good Green Box

What other subscription boxes you currently subscribe to? What would your next subscription box be?

I love that moment I open up my GoodnessMe Box every month. They jam pack so much in there, and the products are delicious! Mmm… next subscription box… I’d probably go with Vegan Box.

What’s your morning routine?

Well first up I’m a massive morning person! I love nothing more than waking up as the day is just beginning. It depends on what the day is but I always start with meditation and then either head off to the gym or some stretching at home. I’m usually start work by about 7:30am, checking emails and Good Green Box’s social channels. Then as the morning rolls on I get stuck into either planning for the next few months, executing our current month’s plan or brainstorming.

Cat or dog? Coffee or tea?

I’m a woman who loves variety so I can’t choose! I’ve grown up loving dogs but I have a little cat Freddy who I totally adore. Plus I couldn’t possibly choose between coffee and tea. I live in Melbourne now coffee is always on the agenda but I spent 6 years in London so I can’t go past an English Breakfast Tea.

Best tips on living a good green live?

Go simple, experiment and educate yourself. There is so much choice in the market but often if you can simplify what you use that is often what works best on the body.

Absolutely experiment, just because something is natural or organic doesn’t mean it is going to work for you. That’s why Good Green Box is great because you can try so many products before you buy a full sized one. And education. There’s plenty of information available to learn what to avoid and what can enhance. Enjoy!

#Girlboss Talk: Kristy from Good Green Box
#Girlboss Talk: Kristy from Good Green Box

We think Kristy has truly nailed it – a business with a worthwhile mission and one that changes lives, one box at a time. 😉

The team has also shared why they choose Julisa to be a part of their July box here, be sure to check it out!

Thank you for being our #Giirlboss inspiration of the month, Kristy!

#Girlboss Talk: Kristy From Good Green Box

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this mer-babes, and don’t forget to let us know what topics you’d like us to talk about here.

Until next time. Stay polished. xx

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(all images from Good Green Box Instagram page)

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