Wellness Talk with Lisa & Brodie @ Temple Yoga & Retreats

Here at The Kind Life Blog, I’m so excited to have this energetic duo, Lisa & Brodie from Temple Yoga & Retreats share their top wellness tips with us! These lovely yogi ladies run beautiful retreats and yoga classes around South East Queensland and Bali. They’re all about sharing their passion on how to create balance in life. So grab a cup of tea, and come meet Lisa & Brodie.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your passion?

We’re Brodie & Lisa the ‘yin and yang’ of Temple Yoga & Retreats and not only are we business partners but we are also besties having known each other for nearly two decades! We both have similar passions and I guess that comes from our worlds having always been intertwined. We grew up together in Brisbane sharing common interests of hip hop and dance, careers in media and a love of travel and so it was totally a no brainer for us to create a business and a “job” (I put that in inverted commas because we love it so much) that would enable us to travel the world together. We both have a big commitment to health and wellness and totally geek out on self-development & mindfulness practices…anything that helps us to live a good life and be the best versions of ourselves.


Wellness talk with Lisa & Brodie @ Temple Yoga & Retreats | Julisa.co


What does mindfulness mean to you personally?

To me it means being in the present moment. Not living in the past or the future but really being grateful for whatever is happening in the now. A really important part of my day is working in some sort of mindfulness or meditation practice, just that little reminder to stop and breathe and put life back into perspective.

Morning routine?

My morning routine probably starts a little later than most. I have a 5am wake up each morning to teach early morning classes, so it’s pretty much wake up, have a quick tea, a bite to eat, my vitamins and race out the door. Once class is finished my morning truly starts…I love going and getting my coffee from my local and then heading somewhere to sweat whether it be yoga, boxing, or a jog along the river. Its super important for me to make movement a part of every morning.

Favourite yoga pose?

Savasana (which might look like a little mini nap at the end of class but is so much more than that)

Best way to spend some relaxing ‘me time’?

Playing with our pups Cookie and Jakey (this has to be #1 on our lists), Weekends away at the beach, and massages (hence why we retreat to Bali so much!)

What’s the one big thing you want everyone to take home after attending your retreat?

In one word….Transformation!!!…

Our aim is to create an environment for our guests to escape from the outside world and daily distractions, a haven filled with self exploration, love, laughter and rest.

We just love seeing the transformation in our guests from the moment we welcome them into our own private sanctuary with open arms to our closing ceremony where we all leave feeling like family, it truly is a blessing to watch the growth & transformation that our guests go through leaving totally refreshed and renewed.

Thank you Lisa & Brodie!  Be sure to follow their mindful journey on Instagram.

Wellness talk with Lisa & Brodie @ Temple Yoga & Retreats | Julisa.co


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