DIY Reusable Natural Nail Polish RemoveR Pod #PlasticFreeJuly |

DIY Reusable Natural Nail Polish Remover Pod #PlasticFreeJuly

I simply love chatting with you merbabes over on Instagram, as I get so many amazing content inspirations from your questions! Today’s topic is inspired by my friend E who’s asked for advice on reducing wastage from removing nail polishes. Like myself, she’s been trying to minimise her plastic waste from daily life. Being that it was Plastic Free July, this question couldn’t have come at a better time! To answer her challenge, I made a short video on IGTV showing you how to make a reusable nail polish remover pod using our star product – Water-Based Non-Acetone Natural Nail Polish Remover.

The idea is that by using this pod to take off your nail polish, there’s simply no need to use any cotton wipes.

This pod of course is reusable. I use mine for up to ten clean.
How to DIY a reusable natural nail polish remover pod

You’ll need:

  • A medium sized cosmetics jar with lid (I use a 50ml one)


  • A small kitchen sponge



DIY Reusable Natural Nail Polish RemoveR Pod #PlasticFreeJuly | Julisa.coSteps:

  1. Cut your sponge into a long piece (so that it fits snugly into the jar when folded)
  2. Fold the piece of sponge and push it into the jar
  3. Pour natural nail polish remover into the pod until your sponge is fully soaked
  4. Viola! To take off your nail polish, dip your fingertips into the pod one finger at a time and wipe your nail bed clean with the sponge.

Keeping in mind that we want to reduce wastage in every way possible, here are a few tips:

  • Reuse an old cosmetics jar. Make sure you clean in warm soapy water and sterilise with 70% alcohol spray before use.


  • Instead of buying a new sponge, try reusing your old konjac sponge.


  • Close the lid tightly in between each use to prevent remover from evaporating from the pod too quickly

P..S. When choosing a natural nail polish remover, make sure you check the ingredient list and look out for acetone. Acetone is a harsh industrial-strength solvent that might cause your nails to be dry and brittle with prolonged use. Acetone is also a human eye irritant (strong evidence as per Environmental Working Group database). A non-acetone natural nail polish remover, such as our Water-Based Non-Acetone Natural Nail Polish Remover with Bamboo Extract, contains no acetone and will leave your nails looking nourished and healthy after clean.



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DIY Reusable Natural Nail Polish RemoveR Pod #PlasticFreeJuly | Julisa.coWhat more could you do to reduce wastage when removing your nail polish? Share our tutorial video here with your mer-friends so they all start to make a switch!

Now tell me merbabes, are you already using this greener method to clean your nails? What other advice do you have to share to try to reduce wastage when doing your manicure? Be sure to leave your comment below!

Until next time. See you over on the ‘gram. xx

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