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Mindful Conversations with Danielle @ The Vegan Box

Thanks for jumpong on board our Mindful Conversations series! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your passion, Danielle?

I’m a 51 year old Mother of 2.  Originally from country Victoria, I now live on the Gold Coast with my Husband, daughters and fur baby, Harley the Cavoodle. 

Since buying The Vegan Box in 2019 I’ve adopted a pretty strict vegan lifestyle and am enjoying finding new ways to encourage my family and others to live a kinder lifestyle wherever possible. 

Mindful Conversations with Danielle @ The Vegan Box | JULISA.co

What does living mindfully mean to you?

Living mindfully to me is about educating ourselves so that we are aware of the impact our consumer activities have on the environment now and more importantly on the future world that our children will grow up in. 

It means appreciating what we have and making sure that every action we take contributes in a positive way to the world and people around us.

It means caring and being kind to all beings and giving more than taking.  

Do you practise any morning or evening rituals?

I have always been an early riser.  To me the day starts after an early morning work out, whether that’s a gym session, a walk or run as the sun rises or a long, meditative swim.

This morning exercise ritual gives me so much thinking space and time for me and sets me up for a productive and meaningful day. 

What does self-care time look like for you?

I get a lot of my self-care benefits from that early morning work out.

If I’m really being indulgent it will involve a warm bath, music, luxurious skin care and a good book. 

Mindful Conversations with Danielle @ The Vegan Box | JULISA.co

Your go-to nail polish shade?

I’m generally a neutral girl and at the moment keep getting drawn to Sapphire Star. 

Diet tips for vegans for growing strong and healthy nails?

I’ve actually been really lucky in that I’ve always had very strong, healthy nails (my daughters hate me for it!).  

But if it was a concern I’d be making sure I was getting plenty of green leafy veg, enough protein sources daily and a good, quality plant-based Omega-3 supplement. 

All time favourite vegan recipe?

I LOVE a giant, slow cooker pot of basic ratatouille that I can keep in the fridge for days. Perfect over pasta, on toast, in a baked potato or on it’s own! 

I throw in onion, garlic, mixed herbs, eggplant, red, green and yellow capsicum, zucchini and a ton of ripe, red tomatoes and just let it slow cook all day. 


One thing you wish you could tell your younger self?

Follow your heart and believe in yourself….you’re going to have a pretty great life….lean into it and absorb it all.  

And of course, go Vegan a lot earlier! 

Thank you for sharing your mindful living tips with us, Danielle!

About The Vegan Box

Mindful Conversations with Danielle @ The Vegan Box | JULISA.co

The Vegan Box is a way of helping people to discover new cruelty free products on the market – without them having to spend hours scanning ingredient panels, or struggling to find brands whose ethics align with theirs. It takes the stress out of shopping, by doing the homework (and the taste testing) for the customers. Each month we get to share new vegan finds with hundreds of wonderful customers. 

I want the Vegan Box to continue to be a vehicle to help and encourage others to make more informed, and compassionate choices – by finding cruelty free, ethical, sustainable and organic products to inspire them. At the same time we want to be the first choice for established and emerging Vegan brands to get their products directly into their customers hands.

We currently offer our customers the choice of two different boxes:

The Monthly Vegan Box Every month we bring out a new box, bursting with vegan goodness – featuring 6 to 10 assorted snacks, superfoods, beauty, skincare and/or lifestyle products, in a combination of full size, travel size and sample sizes. The Vegan Beauty Box Every second month we bring out a new Vegan Beauty Box – full of luxurious, cruelty free, and organic brands for the body. This box introduces our customers to the best hair care, skin care, cosmetics and beauty products on the market.

Be sure to follow them over on Instagram here.

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