How To Get Glass Skin Look Without Makeup: Korean Beauty Glass Skin Routine |

How To Get Glass Skin Look Without Makeup: Korean Beauty Glass Skin Routine

“Glass skin is a new, trendy term that denotes super-smooth, luminescent, almost translucent skin, similar to a piece of glass.” – Byrdie

Have you heard of the Korean beauty trend called Glass Skin?

Do a search on Youtube you’ll find millions of makeup tutorials teaching you how to ‘fake it’ – which is a quick fix way if you’re struggling with dull looking skin after a few big nights out. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m not into these kind of quick fixes. So here I am sharing my tested routine to help you achieve that lasting glowy skin look without any makeup.

My 7-step Korean Beauty “Glass Skin” Routine

1. Face Steam

A gentle face steaming routine pre-cleanse can help open up clogged pores for those active cleansing ingredients to get in deeper. It’s definitely one of my favourite routine whenever I visit my beautician and guess what, you can create this spa facial routine at home easily!

With a small bowl of hot water, add a few drops of peppermint or a soothing essential oil blend. Steam for around 10 minutes before cleansing. It’s utterly soothing for those busy minds too.

2. Oil Cleanse + Exfoliate

Oil cleansing can help dissolve any oil-based products such as sunscreen and makeup on your skin. With a thorough oil cleanse routine, it helps you take off any undesirable impurities on your skin by not upsetting the good guys (natural sebum). Check out this video from MindBodyGreen on the best way to cleanse with oil:

Hint: the very basic to an effective Glass Skin routine is to have a clean, smooth canvas for your skin products to work their magic.

3. Tone

Does your toner contain alcohol? Do you know that alcohol can dehydrate your skin instead of delivering what it should be doing?

Specific alcohols that you should avoid are “solvent alcohols,” which can be extremely drying on the skin. These include SD alcohol 40, denatured alcohol, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol (source here).

This is the reason why I swear by using hydrosol spray as toner – simple yet effective. You just have to go for a top quality hydrosol from a trusted seller. Rose hydrosols are wonderful for maintaining Glass Skin with its extremely hydrating properties.

Tips: I buy my hydrosols in bulk from skincare raw ingredient supply stores such as Earthyard. I buy 1 litre can and store them in the fridge (another reason to invest in a skincare fridge that you always wanted!).

4. Serum

This must be the best tips ever from my beautician friend. As much as I adore using facial oils, using oils on their own during dry months are not enough to fight dehydration.

A water-based serum such as Hyaluronic Acid is the best to help retain moisture on your skin before you layer on anything else. Remember, Hyaluronic Acid and facial oils are simply non-separable like jam and donuts.

5. Moisturise

I get asked a lot about the correct steps on applying skin products. The rule of thumb I go by is the molecular weight of the products, and lightest products always go on your skin first.

I apply my toner, moisturiser and followed by my organic tamanu oil last. Facial Oils tend to have the largest molecular weight, so they go on last as we let lighter products go into the deeper layers of skin first. Do not skip moisturiser though as they help lock in moisture into your skin from the water-based serums you put on.

6. Oil it up

My love affair with facial oils, especially our own golden drops of Organic Tamanu Oil, is obvious if you’ve been following along for a while! To achieve the dewy Glass Skin look, tamanu oil is the crowd’s favourite due to its balanced profile of oleic acid and linoleic acid.

Linoleic acid:

Promote moisture retention in skin and hair
Oleic acid (Omega-9):

Reduce the appearance of aging, such as premature wrinkles and fine lines

Used topically, Tamanu oil’s luxurious and conditioning viscosity penetrates the skin at an average speed, gently yet effectively restoring skin health by facilitating the growth of newer skin cells that look significantly smoother and feels softer.

It’s a no-brainer why Tamanu Oil is the hero product of my Glass Skin skincare routine (read more about the multiple benefits of Tamanu Oil for your skin here).

7. Ready to Roll

Now that you’ve layered on all those beautiful skin-nourishing products, it’s time to help them penetrate deeper with your quartz roller that’s been sitting on your vanity!

A facial roller routine could help de-puff your face, and most importantly, flush toxins and stagnant lymph. With improved circulation and flushing of stagnant energy, your natural skin glow will take return to all its glory.

I have uploaded a jade roller tutorial up on our IGTV channel here or on Youtube here.

Tips: be sure to check out my previous post on things you might be doing wrong with a jade roller before your rolling session.
Weekend extra:

Let’s not forget the heroic face masks. I particularly love using clay mask to help unclog and shrink those skin pores (hello Glass Skin!).

Hot tips: do you know you can add a few drops of our Mermaid Elixir organic tamanu oil to your clay mixture and apply on your skin to further enhance its pore cleansing and anti-flammatory properties? How To Get Glass Skin Look Without Makeup: Korean Beauty Glass Skin Routine |
And remember, having dewy Glass Skin starts from within, so be sure to drink up, get your beauty sleep and meditate regularly to soothe your skin and soul. Looking for a short meditation routine before with your facial session (my new favourite thing to do while I use my face roller)? I’ve created a short 10-minute crystal based meditation recording for you to follow here.

Here are my top tips on how to achieve that Korean Beauty #GlassSkin look without the needs of makeup! Merbabes, I’d love to hear what you think and if you have anything else to share with our mer-tribe. Comment below, or chat with me over on Instagram.

Until next time. Roll and Glow.


Ju, Your Chief Mermaid

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