Nail Your Mani! How To Paint Your Nails Like A Pro

Nail your Mani! How to Paint Your Nails Like a Pro

Browsing our Instagram feed and seeing our mer-babes sharing their #NailSwag always got us the #ManiEnvy! There’s no secret about it – beautiful nail-fies make our day. Don’t you agree? There’s just a certain kind of thrill about shiny fingertips that are oh-so-perfectly manicured! We thought we’d share a few bulletproof tips and tricks that will help you nail your mani game like a pro.

Here we nail it:

Nail Your Mani! How To Paint Your Nails Like A Pro|
via @kittenclawsparlour feat. Julisa Ghost Cactus and Moonchild shades

1. Double your base. We know that to get our beautiful nail polish to stay longer, always go for a base coat to begin with. Here at Julisa HQ, we swear by the tips of wearing 2 x base coat and we promise you’ll be impressed with this trick! We’ve road-tested it with our own polish and we could get our shiny colours on our fingertips stay chip-free for up to 6 days.

2. Now we’re going to spill the best tips EVER for a pro-grade at home manicure. Leave an edge. You don’t have to paint your whole nail beds all the way till the polish touches your cuticles, because that would only ruin it. Any polish touching the nail bed can makes your manicure look unprofessional and untidy. Instead, always leave a tiny edge of around your cuticles. No one would notice it and it’s a trick that the nail technicians use to make any manicure looks clean.

Nail Your Mani! How To Paint Your Nails Like A Pro|
via @habanero feat. Julisa Moonchild and Hiss & Tell shades

3. Use a brush to clean up any mess around the edges. Stay away from cotton pads as they’ll only leave a bigger mess. An angle brush is the most handy tool to use. We’re all about being an eco beauty queen here at Julisa HQ, so why don’t re-purpose an old lip brush or eyeshadow brush and dip it in remover to precisely clean up any mess?

4. White is the new black. White polish is your absolute BFF we say! If you want your shade to pop, always start with a layer of white as the base. This trick works particularly well for neon and pastel shades.

Nail Your Mani! How To Paint Your Nails Like A Pro|
via @interlacedmedia feat, our Llama Del Rey and Ghost Cactus

5. Avoid ‘quick dry’ nail polish. If you’re a newbie, always stay away from any quick dry nail products. When the lacquer dries too fast and your hand is a bit too slow, you can easily make them smudge. #FAIL.

6. All that glitter is gold. No time to change your polish shades during the week? Go for a semi-opaque glitter polish as it’s less noticeable even if it starts to chip (#girlboss beauty hacks #1). Glitter polish also tends to stay longer than than creamy ones. Our mumma mer-babes adore our glitter shades such as this Blood Moon and Midnight Eyes that are magical on its own yet nothing too over-the-top.

Nail Your Mani! How To Paint Your Nails Like A Pro|
via @sweetaholicbeauty feat. Julisa Blood Moon shade

7. Say NO NO to acetone remover. The one thing that you should never dip your fingers into is acetone. It’s the number one killer that leads to dry cuticles and yellowish nails – yikes! Instead, go for a water-based non-acetone type of remover like this one here that we make. You’ll love the non-irritating odour too.


8. Choose a 5-free nail polish. The ugly truth about some conventional polish is that they could contain the big 5 toxins – Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. Apart from being linked to serious health concerns from various medical studies (read about the potential dangers of the big 5 toxins in nail polish here), Formaldehyde Resin in particular is a possible allergen.

9. Always finish with a top coat. Same as when applying your polish, make sure you start at the tip of your nails so that it’s the thickest around the tips.

Nail Your Mani! How To Paint Your Nails Like A Pro
via @suzannedang

Have you mastered all these pro-grade manicure tips? Have you got any other tips to get the perfect mani every single time? Would love to know! Be sure to share them with our mermaid tribes in the comments below, or show us your #NailSwag by tagging us using #TeamJulisa on Instagram. xo


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