Chrome Nails Mirror Powder Tutorial |

Chrome Nails Mirror Powder Tutorial (No UV Light)

These mesmerising chrome nails are everything a merbabe ever dreams of! And the good news is that you don’t need to get them done at salon or use Gel polish – we found these mirror nail powder that works oh-so-perfectly with our Julisa polish. There are a few tricks to make them work without UV light, you’ll need two layers of chrome powder and make sure you DON’T apply top coat on the second layer. We promise it’s fun to do and it only takes around 30 minutes to get your bling on!

Follow along for our full tutorial:


1. Always buff and file your nails to begin with.

2. Apply a thin and even coat of our Handsome Dave black 5-free nail polish. Leave for 5 minutes to let it dry.

3. Apply a thin and even layer of our Top/Base coat. Leave for 5 minutes (timing is very important for this step)

4. Using the applicator brush (supplied), pick up a thin layer of chrome pigment. Press the pigment onto your nails gently. Make sure it covers your whole nail bed.

5. Using a small kabuki brush, gently brush off the excess pigment. You’ll see the reflective effect develop right after brushing.

6. Apply another layer of our Top/Base coat. Leave for 5 minutes again.

7. Repeat step 4 and step 5 to apply a second layer of chrome pigment.

8. Clean up your cuticles with a nail art pen or sticky tapes. DO NOT apply another layer of top coat. It will tarnish the shine.

9. Viola – here you have it! Fascinating chrome nails in around 30 minutes.

NOTE: Chrome nails effect might not be achieved if any of the above steps are not being followed.

TIPS: Avoid washing your hands with hot water to prolong the life of your chrome nails.

How do you love these, merbabes? We’d love to see how you rock these chrome nails! Be sure to share your nail-fies with us with the hashtag #TeamJulisa – rock on gurl!

Any questions? Feel free to comment below and we’ll answer them for you!

Chrome Nails Mirror Powder Tutorial |


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    1. Hi lovely! Thanks for commenting. We tried doing just one layer but it didn’t last long, the chrome shine started to fade in a day or two. When we do two coats, it lasts 3 to 4 days with our polish. 🙂 This chrome shine is so magical, isn’t it?

    1. We’ve only used these powder using our own Julisa 5free top coat so we can’t comment about other brands, sorry!

  1. Since there was no top coat on the second layer of powder, did it come off easily? Or if it got wet did it change the mirror effect?

    1. Ahoy Kat! Ours lasted for good 3 days until we saw the first sign of fading. It doesn’t change the mirror effect if you get your hands wet (after your manicure has fully cured of course).

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