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Holographic Shattered Glass Nails: Tutorial

Uber cool Holographic Shattered Glass nails created using:

1. Julisa 5-free vegan base & top coat (SHOP HERE: http://bit.ly/1PiBiRQ)
2. Julisa 5-free vegan ‘Tibetan Bride’ (SHOP HERE: http://bit.ly/1RtWQ2E)
3. A small piece of holographic scrapebook paper
4. A pair of scissors
5. Tweezer

Step-by-step tutorial:

1. Start by cutting off tiny pieces of scrapebook paper. Cut pieces into small triangles. You’ll need around 10 pieces for each finger nails.
2. Apply a layer of base coat.
3. Using a tweezer, start sticking on pieces of paper onto your finger nails right away; do NOT wait till base coat to dry or else the pieces won’t adhere to your nails!
4. Once you’ve created the desired pattern, apply a layer of top coat.
5. Using a tweezer, push the pieces softly towards your nails to make sure they stick on well. Viola! Sexy as hell!

TIP: you can create different variations by using a coloured base rather than a clear one. We created one using our navy blue ‘Tibetan Bride’ – which one do you like better?

Holographic Shattered Glass Nails: Tutorial | Julisa.co


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