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Let’s Spread Love and Stop Animal Cruelty! Why We Support WWF Australia

Seeing Cup Day action every year makes us feel extremely uncomfortable. We believe horses belong to their woodland, mountains and beautiful lakeside. They do NOT belong to the Flemington racecourse. Here’s a shocking piece of fact:

“Many failed or older racehorses will be destined for slaughter, and may go to local knackeries – to be used for pet meat.” *

We grew up watching Melbourne Cup and the races and it’s too easy to forget to look beyond the glamours veil of this cruelty-led industry fueling billions of gambling money. What are we *really* celebrating on Cup Day? Whipping and slaughtering of these beautiful souls is simply barbaric. We’re hoping to see one day we’ll be celebrating horses running wild and free as they should be on the very same day. ????

We didn’t put any money into betting or buying tickets to Cup Day events. Instead, we think we want to put our dollars towards helping wildlife stay in their nautral habitat. So for the next four days until Sunday, we’ll be donating 50% of profit from our online sales to
WWF Australia . The fund will be used to adopt a gorgeous animal listed on WWF Australia website, we’ll keep you updated on our progress via our Instgram, Facebook & Snapchat @MermaidJulisa!

Many thanks to you our merbabe who shares our belief in a cruelty-free planet.

???? Be the change YOU want to see! ????

???? P.S. Follow on Snapchat @MermaidJulisa to get updates on how you’re helping us to make an impact. xx

(*sourced from http://www.animalsaustralia.org/issues/horse_racing.php

50% of profit from our online sales until midnight Sunday 6th November 2016 will be donated towards WWF Australia. Will you join us to make a valuable impact, merbabe?


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