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Water Marble Nails Tutorial + Tips [VIDEO]

There’s just something about water marble nails that got me so obsessed! I love how different pairing of shades brings totally different vibes. I particularly like how versatile the technique is, that it forms the base design for a number of other creative styles.

I recently had the pleasure of working with the most talented Lou @UrbanNailArt to create stunning swatches for our new Nuthin’ But Good Time collection (check it out here if you haven’t seen these new babies). This mer-babe never ceases to blow my mind with her intricate, fun and bold designs that I absolutely adore! Lou used five shades from our new collection to create a water marble base for her tribal nails design. The oh-so-funky 70s vibes from our range works simply perfectly with the tribal theme, don’t you reckon? Here I am sharing her video tutorial and a few pro tips on how to achieve the best results water marbling. Be prepared to have your jaw dropped!

You’ll need these Julisa shades:

Head Over Heels – rosy mauve nude

Luna – wine red

Bell Bottoms – burnt orange

Kale-ing It – pistachio green

Nami – serenity blue

Handsome Dave – glossy black

Llama Del Rey – creamy white

Julisa Top & Base Coat

Tools you’ll need:

Peel-off nail art tape

A disposable cup filled with room temperature water


A dotting pen (or you can

use a toothpick)

Stamping plate (optional)


Pro tips from the mermaids:

  • Work in an area away from the air conditioner, fan or windows as you don’t want your polish to dry too quickly.
  • Have all the tools and polish you need near you. You only have a short window of time to work on your water marble before the polish turns dry on the water surface.
  • Dip your fingers into the water in a 45 degree angle with your nail bed facing the water surface.
  • Make sure the water you use is around 22 degrees centigrade.
  • Paint your nails with a white polish as the base colour. This way any shades you put on top will appear more opaque and solid. This works for most nail art design such as ombre nails and marble nails.
  • Try using a range of glitter nail polish too for head-turning blings (check out our range of Vegan Glitter Nail Polish)!

Watermarble Nails Tutorial [VIDEO] | Julisa Vegan Nail PolishLast but not least, the texture of the polish you choose will make a huge difference. Creamy and opaque polish tends to work best (hint: the above shades from our Julisa range!). Old, goopypolish just doesn’t do the job.

I  hope I’ve inspired you to go creative and give this mer-vellous water marble nails technique a try! If you have any questions simply comment below. I’d love to see your masterpiece, so be sure to tag #TeamJulisa and @MermaidJulisa on Instagram or Facebook. Let’s play!

Until next time. Stay colourful.

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  1. Gorgeous nails and design. The complex features and colours of the work catches the attention and when looking closely it is well balanced. Definitely will give this a go.

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