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  • Mermaid Elixir Organic Skin Oil ‘Glass Skin’ Hydrating Blend | Rose Jojoba Tamanu 30ml JULISA.coMermaid Elixir Organic Skin Oil ‘Glass Skin’ Hydrating Blend | Rose Jojoba Tamanu 30ml

    Mermaid Elixir Hydrating Blend Glass Skin Oil | Rose Jojoba Tamanu 30ml


    Julisa | Our Accreditation - Mermaid Elixir Organic Tamanu Oil


    I make your skin glow in a flash.

    I’m a hydrating, skin-plumping and lightweight skin oil for face, body, nails and cuticles created with the hero ingredient of the original Mermaid Elixir, Tamanu Oil.


    Bulgarian Rose Flower Oil and Australian Jojoba Seed Oil are lovingly blended with the hero ingredient Tamanu Oil to make me an antioxidant-rich skin cocktail that truly makes your skin sing.


    Instantly glowing, dewy-looking and radiant ‘glass skin’ without feeling greasy.

    Tamanu Oil encourages an even complexion and instant luminosity with its regenerative properties from its unique fatty acid profile. Powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents in Tamanu Oil might help to combat redness and impurities on your skin.

    Rose Flower Oil delivers a burst of deep hydration helping to combat dry and flaky skin. Its astringent properties may help to rapidly reduce redness, and almost instantly brighten the complexion. Studies show that rose essential oil is especially beneficial during times of hormonal change.

    Australian Jojoba Seed Oil complements the natural moisture production processes of your skin to help promote smooth and supple skin.

    This 100% botanical based blend may help minimise the appearance of unevenness, scarring, and age spots.

    And did I mention off-the-charts glow?


    For ALL skin types, ideal for dry and damaged skin.

    $1 from every purchase of our Mermaid Elixir is donated towards Dugong and Seagrass Conservation.