Below you will find a list of our most commonly asked questions. Hopefully this answers any questions you have about purchasing and return process at Julisa, as well as our security, privacy and other policy.

Purchase & Payment

What is the currency of the price you list?
What payment methods do you offer?
How do I know if my order has been successful?
How do I use a coupon code?
Where can I get a coupon code?


Returns & Exchange

What is Julisa return’s policy?
How do I return a faulty item?
In what circumstances do you offer refunds?
What should I do if I have any other questions regarding my purchase?


Security & Privacy

Will my email address be shared with any third party?
Do you store credit card details?
What kind of security protection do you use?


Where are Julisa products made?
Are Julisa products vegan-friendly?
What is the shelf life of Julisa polish?


Other questions? Just drop us an email at hello (at)