Mindful Conversations With Victoria @WestActiveWear

Mindful Conversations with Victoria @WestActiveWear

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your passion?

I’m Victoria, founder of West Activewear. I grew up in a sleepy country village in West Sussex England, though beautiful I knew I wanted to explore what the world had to offer and got the travel bug early on.

After travelling most of the globe I decided to settle in Brisbane. My love for a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle made Queensland an easy choice. It was also this love that led me to leap into launching my own activewear brand that represents my values.

Mindful Conversations With Victoria @WestActiveWearWhat does living mindfully mean to you?

Taking time out for you. I love to wake up early, when most are still asleep and reflect on the things I have and what I’m grateful for.

We get so caught up in trying to plan and predict the future that we forget to see what we have right in front of us and live in the moment.

Do you practise any morning or evening rituals?

I use to set an alarm and rush out the door straight to the gym. I now prefer to wake up naturally (still by 5.30am) have a coffee or two, reflect on the previous day and focus on the day ahead. Once I’ve mapped out the day I’ll head to the gym or go for a walk along the river. Evenings are phone turned to silent and a good read to relax for a much needed good night’s sleep.

Mindful Conversations With Victoria @WestActiveWearWhat does self-care time look like for you?

Eating right, getting some exercise in and getting some ‘you time’. I take self care very seriously, it is so very important for the mind and soul. I try to watch the sunrise as often as possible and also take time out to self pamper at home with hydrating face and eye masks. Always a great pick me up.

Thirty minutes of exercise is also key to a happier, healthier you.

Your go-to nail polish shade? 

All things pastel! (Editor’s Note: The beautiful model is wearing the Edgy Bra in Mint Green by @WestActiveWear and Mermaid’s Lullaby by us!)

Mindful Conversations With Victoria @WestActiveWearHow do you do your bit for the environment?

As a brand we use recycled yarn that is created through a regeneration process taking nylon waste from plastic bottles and fishing nets. It is then recycled back into a finished material that is even better than brand-new virgin nylon. The end result is premium grade, buttery soft, flattering fabrics with moisture wicking properties. What’s more is that we use environmentally friendly dyes, and your activewear will arrive at your door in a fully biodegradable bag made from cassava starch. Our mission is to combine performance and sustainability in a slick collection of ultra wearable activewear.

One thing you wish you could tell your younger self?

Don’t worry about things you can’t control, everything will work itself out in the end.

Mindful Conversations With Victoria @WestActiveWearA little bit about our mer-friend @WestActiveWear:

West Activewear is a brand created out of my love for an active, outdoor lifestyle. We are passionate about doing our bit for the environment and work with advancements in recycled materials. Our focus is on considered designs of versatile activewear, built to perform and importantly to last. Fit is everything and we know the most worn pieces are the most comfortable so seam placement and pattern cutting are the focus for a flattering fit.

Find @WestActiveWear online here and on Instagram @WestActiveWear.

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